September 12, 2017

Marriage License

Requirements for Marriage in the State of Tennessee are as follows:

Affidavit for Marriage License – Applicant Incarcerated

Marriage Counseling Completion

Marriage Application (Online)

Marriage License Application

  • The licenses are good for 30 days anywhere in the state.
  • There are no blood tests and no waiting period.
  • A valid driver license, picture ID, U.S. certified birth certificate, valid VISA, or valid passport is needed.
  • Both parties have to be present, unless one is incarcerated or disabled which would require special affidavits available in the County Clerk’s Office.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
    *Marriage requirements for juveniles 16 or 17 years of age: Both parents must be present at time of application. The natural parents must present a picture ID & Child’s Birth Certificate.
    *Juveniles under 16 years of age must have a court order.
  • Premarital Counseling is recommended. If the applicants have had premarital counseling, the Certificate of Completion of Premarital Preparation Course must be completed by the counselor and the counselor’s signature must be notarized.The Price is $37.50 with premarital counseling. (Certificate of Completion Affidavit required)
    The Price is $100.00 without premarital counseling.Copies of marriage certificates may be obtained at the County Clerk’s office or by mail for $5.00 each.

Who can Solemnize a Marriage?

Loudon County Clerk

101 Mulberry St. Ste. 200

Loudon, TN 37774

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